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Hi! I'm Amy and welcome to my little space in this world! I am a food and brand photographer and would love to help you create beautiful content showcasing you, your brand and products! Capturing special family moments is also a favorite thing of mine. Documenting moments in time through portraiture or a family film is an amazing opportunity to to turn those sweet little voices, snuggles and giggle attacks into a tangible piece of art that you can have as a keepsake forever. 

A little bit about me...I'm a sporty and outdoorsy girl who has always loved to bake, create, and share delicious, beautiful food.   Living in Alaska allows me to pursue all of the things that make me "tick".  Inspired by the amazing wildlife and gorgeous, mountainous terrain, the opportunities to capture the beauty here never ends! Creating beautiful images of what makes people happy is what photography is all about for me. Deep down I am a homebody and am happiest in my element cooking and baking, spending time with my husband, our two boys, and our pups!  



"The best part about a picture is that even when the people change, the memory it holds never will."

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