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Sunrise views from the Seward Scenic Highway | {The Serenity Project}

Winter in Alaska is fun and absolutely gorgeous, but it can be long, cold, dreary at times, and long. Seeking out places to photograph that will produce a lot of "keepers" isn't that tough of a job - even when it's below zero temps. More often, that actually makes the scene all the better. Such was the case this past Saturday morning. I had been telling myself (literally for a couple of weeks) that I have got to get out and catch a sunrise one of these days. Which in the winter is very easy - sunrise is around 10:00-11:00 a.m.!!! For some time, that didn't work out for various reasons...too foggy, it was snowing and visibility was terrible, I dragged my feet and wouldn't get there in time...but this day, I did it and got there in time. I drove the ten minute drive to my favorite spot, a lookout over the Turnagain Arm body of water, which runs along side the Seward Highway for a stretch. (Read more about Turnagain Arm, it's history and some cool facts about it by clicking here.)

I made sure my coat was zipped up, my hat covering as much as possible while still allowing me to see, and lugged my gear down a snow covered, rocky, not-really-a-path, and got to work. I'm not certain how long I had to wait for the sun to finally appear over the mountain tops, but it wasn't long (but it was definitely long enough!) I nearly lost feeling in my fingers, BUT I did come away with a bunch of "keepers" of where I get to call home.

The Serenity Project is a collaborative photography project featuring words and images from several amazing artists that in some way, bring them encouragement or a sense of peace and calm and it is our hope that the feeling is conveyed and passed on to you. Please continue the circle by going to Iris Nelson, Metro Phoenix Photographer to find out what she has to share this month.

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