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Sunrises, Sunsets and Solitude | {The Serenity Project}

Updated: Sep 19, 2019

For me and my family, summer has always been a wonderful time of friends, family and fun. We are currently on our 15th summer at our lake house in northern Indiana, so essentially, our sons have grown up here for a few months of each year of their lives since they were very young. It's what they know and is "life" for us. It is a fabulous and very special thing that we don't take for granted and has afforded us countless amazing memories and invaluable time spent as a family. Time goes by so quickly over summer break and that seems to be more and more true as each year passes.

We seem to be coming and going, socializing or busy with something most days. It's not uncommon for several days to go by and I haven't even picked up my camera! I then really try to carve out some time to slow down and take some time for me to get out and shoot. The easiest and best time to do this is early in the mornings. As I let our dogs out, I check and see if the sunrise is going to be a good one - I peek out through the blinds, and if it looks promising, I go out on the dock and sit and wait for it to unfold. Rarely am I disappointed!

Canon 24-70; 24mm; f22; ISO 100; SS 4 secs

Sigma 150-600; 403mm; f6.3; ISO 100; SS 1/400

Canon 24-70; 70mm; f2.8; ISO 100; SS 1/8

Canon 24-70; 25mm; f22; ISO 100; SS 1/13

Canon 24-70; 35mm; f22; ISO 100; SS 2.5 secs

Sunsets are a little trickier and involve a little more planning and coordination, as our house faces the East and I have to bike or drive to get a good vantage point to the west (plus, we just can't seem to get it together early enough to have dinner so I can go do some shooting!)

Canon 24-70; 24mm; Merge of two images SS 1/15 and 2 secs; ISO 100; f22

A few times each summer, during golden hour, I grab my camera and take a walk to enjoy the neighbors' flower gardens along with some pretty weeds out in the back of our property. I seem to be best at growing weeds - but unfortunately, they are the not-very-pretty kind....

Canon 100mm Macro; f2.8; ISO 100; SS 1/80

Lensbaby Velvet 56; ISO 100; f2.8; SS 1/1600

Canon 100mm Macro; f2.8; ISO 100; SS 1/250

Canon 100mm Macro; f2.8; ISO 100; SS 1/640

Lensbaby Velvet 56; f4; ISO 100; SS 1/800

Canon 100mm Macro; f2.8, ISO 100; SS 1/250

Canon 100mm Macro; f2.8; ISO 100; SS 1/200

Canon 100mm Macro; f2.8; ISO 100; SS 1/60

Hopefully there are at least one or two more photo sessions in my future this summer at Lake George. In the meantime, I am happy to spend time with my guys and puppies and keep on making memories with them. Summer will pass way too quickly and before we know it, everyone will be away at school and doing their thing...there will be plenty of time for me to do MY thing then!

The Serenity Project is a collaborative photography project featuring images from several amazing artists that bring them a sense of peace and calm and it is our hope that the feeling is conveyed and passed on to you. Please continue the circle to Lori's page to find what brought her some serenity this month.

Thanks so much for visiting my page!

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4 commentaires

18 juil. 2018

Yay! so glad you got on board this month. It's so great to have a summer home and create those memories for your boys. I love the images you shared, especially the unique one of the spider between the ladder. And the gorgeous flowers in your backyard - sweetpeas are my favourite and I love the old fashioned flowers like holly hock and those blue ones (i have no idea what they are called!)


18 juil. 2018

Great post Amy - you work magic in the Midwest just as easily as you do in the majesty of Alaska. This sounds like a wonderful place to create family memories.


18 juil. 2018

Oh wow - I love your house at the lake. Such beautiful photo opportunities. Love all your images, especially your macro work. Thank you for joining in this month.


18 juil. 2018

Worth getting up early for. Down by the dock looks an amazing place to sit quietly for such beautiful sunsets to unfold. Love this share. Reminded "what a wonderful world. "

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